Group, individual and online Qigong instruction in Anacortes, WA

Group, individual and online Qigong instruction in Anacortes, WA

Group, individual and online Qigong instruction in Anacortes, WAGroup, individual and online Qigong instruction in Anacortes, WA

Eden Forever~Cultivating the Body's Internal Energy Garden



Cultivate your body's Authentic Qi using gentle movements and intention to increase healthier energy flow. 

Internal Observation


Relax and stabilize the mind's energy into the body for greater awareness of the body's internal information system..

Eden Forever


Realize the potential of the body's internal energy network using methods of Qi~Mind~Body~Spirit integration. 

Ways to learn


*Comprehensive Instruction
*Classes, Seminars & Retreats  
*Video-conference Sessions
*Private Instruction & Collaboration
*Wellness & Personal Development 

Current public classes through 

Anacortes Parks and Recreation

About Yi Ren® Qigong


Jan has practiced qigong extensively with qigong master Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, as a student, certified instructor and mentor teacher. Dr. Sun is the creator of Yi Ren® Qigong & founding director of the Institute of Qigong & Integrative Medicine (IQ&IM).

About Jan



*Practicing & teaching qigong 20+ years

*Mentors new qigong teachers

*M.Ed University of Washington 


Please note: Jan's current teaching is based upon her on-going personal cultivation and understanding from working with students. and does not follow exercise protocols from any particular school or system.



Experience the Authentic Qi with Fun and Relaxation!

Qigong, pronounced “Chee-gong”, is a gentle exercise practice originating in ancient China. Qigong develops our life force energy (“Qi”) to promote health, well being and longevity. Millions of people worldwide practice various forms of qigong because of its benefits. Qigong is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and forms the foundational energetic practice of acupuncture and Tai Chi. 

We practice a modern form of qigong based on the 

direct experience of this “Qi”

 using gentle physical movements and meditative breathing. 

Our practice brings this ancient wisdom to present time in ways consistent with current scientific understanding. 

Exercises can be done seated or standing, 

wearing regular, comfortable clothing.

Introductory foundational classes are appropriate for everyone 

regardless of previous experience. 

If you have any specific health conditions or concerns, please contact Jan and your medical doctor before beginning & remember, our classes do not substitute for any current healthcare treatments or self-care routines!

To register online for Qigong for Health, Balance and Peace of Mind  classes at the Depot through Anacortes Parks & Recreation, 

click on the "Find out more" button below, or 

register by phone or in person at City Hall.

Please contact Jan for more information:

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611 R Avenue, Anacortes, Washington 98221, United States